Bannière de l'évènement 43<sup>rd</sup> Geco - Revision Surgery

43rd Geco - Revision Surgery

Rules for the Pierre Kehr reward for GECO e-Posters

article 1

Every year, GECO (Groupe d'Études de Chirurgie Osseuse) give out a prize rewarding an e-Poster.

article 2

In 2019, the prize will be the total cost of your stay in a single bedroom for GECO's 2020 annual meeting which will take place in Arc 1800 (Bourg St Maurice). (Except for participation fee of 50€/day in accordance with the regulations in force).

article 3

The work must be an original piece and concern orthopedic surgery or traumatology.

article 4

The poster can comprise up to 6 slides including the front page slide. The slides must be written in French or English.

article 5

Candidates will have to register on and upload their 'work' before the 19th of January 2019. A copy of the poster will be kept in GECO's archives. No registering fees will be asked for participation to the contest.

article 6

Members of the Permanent Committee to GECO will analyse the posters and their meeting of above-mentioned criteria 3 and 4 under Pr P. Kehr's supervision.

article 7


article 8


To access posters and/or to upload yours (uploads close on the: 5/31/19), you must sign up. If you already have an account, please sign-in.

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